Bath Accessory _ Core 5 skues
What are the major Core 5 skues for Bath Accessories we talk about ?. 

Most of them we will install in the bathroom is "Robe Hook, Paper Holder, 18" / 24" Towel Bar & Towel Ring".  

Of course, you may want the others are Soap Holder, Tooth Brush/Tumbler Holder, Towel Shelf, and Mirror,..etc.


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Safety Grab Bar
The Grab Bar is made of Stainless steel #304 for safety and strength concern.
Some suppliers may use Stainless steel tube #2xx for unit cost down. It is better to further check before ordering.

It is reminding the client these products have to in compliance with FDA standard.

We are strong to advise each family to install it for the elderly better safety living.


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Homecare, Create a friendly living environment.
Population aging –

Along with advances in medical science and technology, human life grows with nature. The aging rate of the world's population averages 8.7%, when 1/6 of the world's population will be over 65 years of age by 2050. The care of the elderly is paid more attention to.

Home living Safety –

Elderly people are most likely to be active at home, but statistics show that the most common place to get injured by an accident, such as a fall, is at home. Especially the kitchen, bathroom, toilet.

Create a friendly living environment –

Install the necessary stainless steel handrails to increase support opportunities for the elderly. Set up a bath chair, and you can add armrests next to the bathtub. Avoid the old man slipping in the bathroom.

Walking safety aids –

Walkers or crutches, etc.., are good mobility aids for the elderly. Helps to increase support function.


Email: klin@holinking.com