Faucet pick up.
Which part of your house are you remodeling first ?

What types of faucets : 

1). According to the faucet body material :
It can be divided into Cast iron, full Plastic, Copper, Alloy materials faucets and other categories.

2). According to the function or use of the place to divide:
It can be divided into Basins, Bathtubs, Shower, Kitchen sinks, and other taps.

3). According to the structure:
They are Single-link, Double-linked, and Triple-type,..etc. In addition, there is a single handle and a two-hand handle.

4). According to the way to open :
For example, can be divided into spiral, wrench, lift, and induction tap.

How do I pick up the proper faucet? Below points for reference.

1). The core components of the faucet:
Ceramic cartridge, Stainless steel balls, and Shaft roller cores. The best is the Ceramic cartridge, because of good wear resistance, good sealing performance. So that ceramic valve core is widely used.

2). Faucet material:
Copper, Ceramics, Stainless steel. Copper material is commonly used for faucets. It is durable, antioxidant, water has a bactericidal effect, but copper faucet contains lead. Stainless steel faucets belong to environmentally friendly, healthy materials. It is best to choose SS #304 stainless and does not rust without lead. No produce secondary pollution of water sources.

3). The aerator faucet parts:
It can prevent water splashing, water filtration, and saving.

4). The electroplating process of the faucet:
The plating has directly affected the appearance, and also determines the quality of faucet anti-corrosion rust.


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