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Stainless & Plastic Floor Drain
What types of Floor Drain :
1). According to the Floor Drain material :

It can be divided into Stainless Steel and Plastic (ABS & PVC) substrate. 

2). According to the Shape and Size to divide:

They are many drain shape design depending on the consumer’ optional. Mostly Round, Square, Rectangle for Stainless drain and with different overall lengths. For Plastic shower drain is mostly 2” OD for remolding your bathroom.

3). According to the bathroom structure and working efficiency:

The Plastic shower drain is easy and has higher working efficiency.  To use the proper element for plastic drainpipe and drain jointed together.

4). What are the different types of shower drains :

There are more shower drains available than you can count,  but they all really fall into two types – point drains and linear drains.  Point drains are most common and are what we are used to seeing in showers.

5). How do you remove black sludge from a shower drain?

Pour 1 cup of baking soda into the drain and let sit for a few minutes.  The baking soda will deodorize and clean the drains while working as a nonabrasive agent that will break up the black sludge.

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