UWF-Q241 Commercial Water Purifier

  • UWF-Q241 Commercial Water Purifier
Product Description Commercial Water Purifier
  • Under sink water filter
  • Twin stage quick-change filter
  • Replace inner filter only, save cost & be friendly for the environment
  • With NSF certificate drinking faucet
  • Baking paint metal bracket
  • Flow rate: 6 LPM, 50 PSI 
  • The pore size of ultrafiltration: 0.02~0.1µm
  • A lifetime of cartridge: 8,000 liters
  • UWF-Q241 Commercial Water Purifier
Product Feature
  1. Tool-free, easy filter changing, no electricity, no wastewater
  2. Long service life and with big flow
  3. Applicable to the catering industry, big members family or office
  4. Replace Inner Filter Only, Save Cost & Be Friendly For Environment
  5. Filtration accuracy: 0.02~0.1um
  6. With NSF hollow fiber
  7. Remove 99% microorganisms, bacteria, and cysts
  8. Drink directly
  9. With lead-free drinking faucet NSF listed
  10. With baking paint metal bracket, not easy to get rusty
  11. With two o-ring
  12. Completed set & functional components have been passed burst test & 100,000 times cycle test under 150 PSI water pressure by NSF International against NSF/ANSI standard.
  13. All food-grade material.
  14. 100% Factory Tested
Product Specification
UWF-Q241 2 Stage 1st: PP sediment
2nd: Hollow fiber+Silver carbon


Spare parts Model No. Spec.
Water feed adaptor BV-1414L 1/4" Ball valve with 1/2" MIP x 1/2" FIP water feed fitting
Drinking faucet ZWDF-1002(NSF) 8" Tall spout, 3" shank, lead-free
PE tube PE-14W-NSF 1/4" Tube, white, NSF

  • Metal framet is optional
  • 3/8" or 1/2" inlet/outlet fitting
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